I am a total gadget geek but also like to try to take a minimalistic approach to my bags/setups. My latest urban anyOccassion bag (as i call it) had two major requirements:

1. Small, shoulder messenger type bag (room for ipad mini)

2. Customizable internal storage setup/'more than it looks'

This led me to my Golla Generation Mobile bag (only $60 at target).

Below is a layout of all the items i can fit into it. It has an inner rectangular sleeve that comes w/two velcro shelves. I have my setup so one is on the bottom and creates a 'fake' bottom where i put my chemical lightsticks (8hrs, white), emergency snack pack/matches and $5 in quarters. I then use the second to create a vertical area that i then put my little bottle of water, cup of fruit and various other cables. I then store the GoPro and PS Vita in the main pocket in the sleeve and the iPad Mini in the special tablet slot.

Items in bag:

  • Mini bottle of water
  • 2 x Snaplight Sticks (8hrs)
  • Snack bag (paydays/granola) and waterproof matches
  • Hygiene kit (shampoo,soap,toothbrush,toothpaste)
  • Cup of Fruit Coctail
  • $5 in quarters
  • GoPro Hero Black Ed w/Wifi Remote and LCD Back
  • 3 x GoPro BackPak batteries
  • PS Vita 3G and WiFi (use simcard in)
  • iPad Mini 4G w/ATT Unlimited
  • AT&T MiFi (sim swap between iPad)
  • Pen and Paper
  • Pen multi-tool/screw driver
  • Mini toolkit w/LED lights
  • Headphone case w/headphones and mini 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, square reader
  • Mini Bag (nano sim to micro/normal adapter,micro usb and mini usb cables, microsd usb reader)
  • iPhone and Thunderbolt adapter/cable/charger
  • iPhone 4S (used to take pic)

So yea, there's my mini just in case bag i usually rock around downtown or on trips. :)