I am a total gadget geek but also like to try to take a minimalistic approach to my bags/setups. My latest urban anyOccassion bag (as i call it) had two major requirements:

1. Small, shoulder messenger type bag (room for ipad mini)

2. Customizable internal storage setup/'more than it looks'


This led me to my Golla Generation Mobile bag (only $60 at target).

my latest urban tech anyOccassion bag

Below is a layout of all the items i can fit into it. It has an inner rectangular sleeve that comes w/two velcro shelves. I have my setup so one is on the bottom and creates a 'fake' bottom where i put my chemical lightsticks (8hrs, white), emergency snack pack/matches and $5 in quarters. I then use the second to create a vertical area that i then put my little bottle of water, cup of fruit and various other cables. I then store the GoPro and PS Vita in the main pocket in the sleeve and the iPad Mini in the special tablet slot.


my latest urban tech anyOccassion bag

my latest urban tech anyOccassion bag

Items in bag:

  • Mini bottle of water
  • 2 x Snaplight Sticks (8hrs)
  • Snack bag (paydays/granola) and waterproof matches
  • Hygiene kit (shampoo,soap,toothbrush,toothpaste)
  • Cup of Fruit Coctail
  • $5 in quarters
  • GoPro Hero Black Ed w/Wifi Remote and LCD Back
  • 3 x GoPro BackPak batteries
  • PS Vita 3G and WiFi (use simcard in)
  • iPad Mini 4G w/ATT Unlimited
  • AT&T MiFi (sim swap between iPad)
  • Pen and Paper
  • Pen multi-tool/screw driver
  • Mini toolkit w/LED lights
  • Headphone case w/headphones and mini 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, square reader
  • Mini Bag (nano sim to micro/normal adapter,micro usb and mini usb cables, microsd usb reader)
  • iPhone and Thunderbolt adapter/cable/charger
  • iPhone 4S (used to take pic)

So yea, there's my mini just in case bag i usually rock around downtown or on trips. :)